Always There

I got a Facebook message from an old friend last night.  We dont talk as much as we used to.  In fact, big huge life events have happened to both of us; we know about them but werent really part of those experiences with each other. But she needed me.  And so I was there.

You see, her little brother (who growing up was like my little brother) was in the hospital with some mystery cardiac issue.  The rest of his family (my friend and her sister and parents) are halfway across the country.  No one was at the hospital with him.  He was all alone.  I promised to fix that.

This morning, after day care drop off, I grabbed a coffee and headed to the hospital.  I told myself I would be fine.

As soon as I made the right turn, I saw it. The ER.  The helipad.  And the building the Hubby almost didnt make it out of months ago.  I felt my anxiety level rise.  And I completely forgot to take my anxiety medication on the day I really needed it!!!  My muscles stiffened up. Its not a place I am really ready to revisit.  But I knew that someone there needed me to be there.  I parked and spent a few hours there.

Glad I did. And my experiences the past year really did help to ask the right questions, get some test results back a little quicker, and get a plan in place now instead of waiting for days and days and days.

But most of all, today I remembered that just because the phone doesnt ring all the time or just because life has separated you a little bit, some people are always part of your life. They just are.  And those people are so worth fighting for.

And yes, I took my meds and called my friend.

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