Thanksgiving at my house usually consists of me spending hours in the kitchen, a house full of friends and family and football on tv.  This year was different.

We boarded a plane....with 2 kids in tow....and I didnt cook one item on Thanksgiving.  What I did do was introduce my little family to my extended family....cousins I havent seen in over 10 years and aunts, uncles, and a grandmother who I havent spent enough time with.

It was amazing to see my kids play with the people who saw me growing up.  And to see my grandmother smile at my youngest baby......speechless.

The trip made me realize, once again, how thankful I am for my family.  For those people who love me no matter what.  The people that laugh with me, cry with me, and know just where to find the bargains on Black Friday morning.

This picture is all my cousins in one place for the first time I can remember in a very long time.  I love it.

 Anne Greene is my godmother. So I guess that makes Will her grand-godson.  He just looooooved her. :)

Nanny -- my grandmother --- and Will.. She was so excited to hold him and feed him.  Just love the way she is looking at Will in this picture.

A family picture in front of Fenway Park. Grace was so excited to see where her favorite team plays.  


Another family picture -- this time at the Make Way For Ducklings statue in Boston Commons.  It was a tradition for my family growing up --- and it was so great to bring my family to the ducks for pictures.  

 8 year wedding anniversary -- and we captured the moment with a great picture of me and the hubby at Boston Commons.  Love this picture. Love him.  Love us.


Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

Beautiful photos and family. I am from Boston and miss it. Thank you for sharing some photos that make me smile just to see a bit of it again.

Maya said...

That sounds like a terrific Thanksgiving! Those are some beautiful family photos. Also, nice to hear about another family that Black Friday shops together :-)