Wanted: A Thrid Row

We are starting to return to real life - I am back at work and Hubby is starting to drive again for short trips around town.  Grace is hanging with her friends at day care and Will has even started at his own day care (and yes, this makes me all sorts of sad so we will simply not talk about that alot, k?!). 

And with all the new normal happening for us, I realize that we need more room.  I love my car......its a great reliable and fun car.  Love it.  But we have maxed out the capacity --- two car seats in the back seat and Hubby and I in the front.  No one else can do anywhere with us.  And now that Grace is starting her own social life that requires Mom's Taxi Service, it does create an issue sometimes.

I am not in a rush to get a new car and I definitely dont want to add another huge bill to our monthly life either.  But yesterday, we went out to see what was on a neighborhood used car lot.  I found a few cars I really liked.  Even brought one home to test out overnight.  Love the car.  Love how it looks, how it drives, the options included, the handling, the seats are comfy, and it has three rows.  But its not the right car.  None of the cars I can afford were the right car. 

The pesky third row in the SUVs eliminates all the useful truck space.....if I cant use the third row AND have the stroller and a few bags in the trunk space, what's the point of having the larger car? Folding the third row down just isnt the answer -=-- why have a new car payment and not use the extra space I want to have?  UGH.

And so I decided today, I must swallow my pride.........looks like a minivan will be parked in our driveway soon. Maybe not tonight or tomorrow but soon.

A minivan mom I will become.  Please dont remind me that I said it would never happen to me. 

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laura said...

growing up, i was always so jealous of your mom's minivan!!! ;)