Glad That Day Is Over.

It was 1:14 am.  WHY was the dog pacing around the bed?  Not on the floor of our bedroom but walking over us.  Polly is almost 100 pounds and was creeping back and forth over our heads like a cat.  It woke me up and immediately drove me nuts!!! 

And then the beeping.  Oh the beeping!  Maybe that's what was making Polly so unsettled.  So I got up and opened the door.  Sure enough a smoke detector battery decided that the middle of the night was the best time to start alerting us to its low battery life status.  I took the first alarm I could find off the wall and yanked the battery out of it.  Until the beep sounded again.  Yep, I took the wrong alarm off the ceiling.  Luckily Hubby jumped to it and got that other alarm down before I could totally lose it!  

Finally settled back in bed and Polly starts her pacing.  Which has also now started Baby #2 to decide that its a good time for tumbling practice.  Clearly no one wanted Mama to sleep that night.  I sat up and Polly finally curled up. Good right?  Nope - cause she curled up on my pillow.  That was it.....I walked her down the stairs and into the laundry room, where Polly slept the rest of the night.  

By this time I was wide awake.  What do you do at 2:30AM when I am awake?  Watch a movie on tv of course.  

I finally drifted off to sleep and woke up on time to the alarm for the 5:30AM treadmill routine (I am trying to do this regularly but let's face it - if I make it there twice a week right now, that's a success!).  After a brisk walk in the basement, I layed back down....for just a minute.  Famous last words......I woke back up at the exact time I should be in the car on the way to daycare dropoff.  Super! 

Grace and I sprinted through the morning routine and by the time we were out the door, I was doing ok on time.  A little late but nothing dramatic.  Dropped her off and headed to the Beltway.  Where there was an accident and a backup at least 5 miles long.  And then the guy in front of me while getting coffee was ridiculous and slowed that entire process down by at least 3 minutes.....and when you had the night and morning I had and was already late, 3 minutes is huge!!!!!!

By the time I got to the office, I needed a nap.  I looked exhausted.  And I was grumpy.  

And my computer crashed.  41 days before my biggest event of the year.  That I will travel to 34 weeks pregnant and that is totally stressing me out without all the other drama of the day. 

Happy Monday.  

SO glad today is Tuesday.  

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