Snowed In.....Powerless

I walked in the door from work about 20 minutes before the big flakes started falling....and about 45 minutes before the first reports of serious backups on the roads were reported on the news.  I was lucky then. 

At 9PM, Wednesday night, the power went out.

Thursday morning we woke up to this outside our window.

10 inches of snow on the front yard.  Pretty but wet and heavy.  And still without power.

The morning went on. 

We helped neighbors shovel their driveways. 

Lunch (and dinner) was hot dogs on the grill.  For dinner, we mixed it up with some cheeseburgers. I tried to keep doors shut so the house would at least stay warmer than the outside air. 

And still the power was out. 

I felt bad but couldn't let Grace play in the snow.  Or throw snowballs.  Or build a snowman.  With no power inside, there was just no way to warm her up after the fun outside. 

So we all curled up in our beds at 7PM to at least stay warm.

Until, at 3:30AM this morning.....Friday....the lights came on.  The tvs started up. POWER was back up.

The first thing I did was turn on the heated mattress pad. 

The thing about no power is that there is no heat...in a snowstorm.  Cells never work at our house so there was no texting or quick calls to the outside world.  We had no way to get in touch with anyone outside of our street.  And since we are on well water, there is also no water when there is no power.  I also learned that our wall phone dies cause its on a battery backup. 

It was a long 30 hours.  It got chilly in the house but never miserable.  The milk stayed cold...thanks to the snow on the deck.  With only a few moments of tears and boredom, we survived.

And when we got home tonight from work and daycare, we played in the snow.

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Allison said...

oy! I think it's time for y'all to invest in a back-up generator. Then you could charge the neighbors to use the heat and bathroom :)