All Is Well Now

At our 20 week sonogram, I was diagnosed with marginal placenta previa.  Everything else was perfect - baby measured exactly on time and all the measurements were great.  Heart was good.  Everything except that super important placenta deciding to attach too low. 

The only thing to do is wait.  But the waiting was worrisome.  Sure, 9 out of 10 times the position shifts and all is well when its time to deliver.  But someone has to be that 1 left out.  That one who has no option but a c-section and risk of early labor.  My mom had complete placenta previa with my sister and it was dramatic and I remember, at 3 years old, visiting my mom at the hospital where she was on bedrest for 3 months.  It sucked and I just didnt want that. 

I have been wearing my brave face since hearing that news 7 weeks ago.  In the big scheme of things, it could be worse.  It was marginal previa, not complete.  There were no other complications associtated with it so none of the docs were overly concerned. But still, it worried me.  It was constantly on my mind.

This morning was the follow up sonogram to confirm whether or not the previa had corrected itself or not.  We woke up hopeful.  My gut told me all was well. And it is!  NO MORE PREVIA!!!!

And even better, the baby is doing great.  Perfect in fact.  Even measuring a few days ahead so the due date got moved up 4 days.  

Which means now I have 4 less days to get everything ready. Guess its time to start shopping for a stroller, bouncy seat and all the other baby stuff I donated a year ago. :)


laura said...

oh happy day, friend! :)

Sandy said...

Awesome news Jaime!!!! I hope I am as lucky :) And yes I would say it's time to get started on stocking up on baby things! Not much time left!

-L said...

great news :)