Christmas Catchup

A photo post of the holidays and the events of the season..........

 The "holiday" season started with new pics of Baby 2.  Here he or she is at 19 weeks.  We do NOT know the gender and are waiting to find out.  It's a surprise!!!!

 Me with Baby Jackson.....he was about an hour or so old in this picture.  And already the most adorable baby boy ever!!!!!

 While trying to get the family Christmas card done, I realized that we have NO pictures of the three of us together.  I am always taking the picture and never IN the pictures. So we posed for a few at my mom's house....and they came out pretty decent!

 The Gayl.ord hotel near us puts on an ice carving display that is just amazing.  This year the theme was The Gringh.  I is 9 degrees in the building so we all got to wear these super-stylish blue parkas that Grace is modeling here.  Totally worth it -- there is 2 million pounds of ice in the display. 

 Christmas morning.....my gift to Grace was matching aprons. She and I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen together lately so I thought it was the perfect gift.  Recognize the adorable aprons!?  They are the same ones that Charlotte and her daughter wear in Sex And The City 2

 Another super popular present this year was her very own Caps jersey, just like Daddy's.  And it has a number 8 on the back - her favorite player, Ovec.hkin.

She begged and pleaded.  She made deals with Santa.  All she wanted this year was the Nintendo DS.  The look on her face when she opened the package was worth every penny spent. 

Christmas at my mom's house........and the new cousins all dressed up for the day.  Grace is super proud to be a big cousin and just thinks Jackson is the greatest thing ever. I am pretty sure Jackson doesnt mind all the cuddling. 

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-L said...

Looks like it was a very fun and memorable Christmas season for you guys :)

And that ice thing is awesome! I had no idea they did that. I want to go next year!