It's that time of year at work - Annual Reviews.  My part is due to the boss on Wednesday and so, today, I sit here trying to remember everything I did in 2010.  That's the easy part.  Its writing about how great I did it and how wonderful all my work has been this year.  And yeah, this year was a good one.  But I have a really hard time writing these things - I just cant look back on me and write about myself.  I find it incredibly difficult. 

Which got me thinking this morning about the past year.....some really great times and some really not-so-proud times....some times I will never forget and some that I wish would escape my memory forever.  2010 will go down as a year that I learned more about myself than I have in a long time.  It will also go down as a year that shed more tears than most. 

As I write this review, I am realizing that while I am looking forward to turning the calendar to a new year, this year was important to experience.   I know now what is most important to me and how I want to be treated by my family and my friends and, most importantly, myself.

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laura said...

amen, sista! amen!