This fall I have been coaching fall football cheer.  Grace loves it.  I love it.

Her confidence level has increased.  Her focus has improved.  And she has made some really great friends.  So have I - the other coach is awesome...which doesnt surprise me at all since she is another Jami! :)

Today was the big day - the girls got to perform a routine in front of all the parents, other coaches, and all the other cheerleaders in the program.  I am not sure who was more nervous - the 16 of them or Jami and I.  Bet it was the coaches!

After 1 minute and 38 seconds, it was over. And the girls nailed it!!!!!

(password is gocya)

CYA Fall 2010 Spirit Day Performance on Vimeo.

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laura said...

that might just be the cutest thing i have ever seen!