There is a line drawn in the sand.  April 1.  Its an imaginary line but at that point, I am within 1 month of having a 2 kid house.  

I have decided that everything I have been planning on getting done in the next 2 years must be done NOW.  As in today. 

Kitchen floors - spent 20 minutes to make the decision and they were installed the next morning.  Check that off- done!

New, safer pool cover - been talking about it for 2 summers.  Its on order and I expect to come home one day between now and Thanksgiving and see it installed.  Check that off!

Old cooper pipes + too much iron in well water = pinholes in pipes = holes in ceilings from the plumbers.  Well, I decided enough was enough and those will be repaired next week too.  Just crossing my fingers and toes and praying real hard that the pipes are okay now.  (((If you have an extra prayer for this, I would totally appreciate it!)))

And all those projects lead me to want/need to paint the breakfast area and kitchen - I mean with new drywall repairs, I am going to need to re-paint the ceiling anyway so I mind-as-well paint all the walls too, right?

Then there is the front door.  Oh the doors.  We need new ones. BAD.  Before the winter storms start.  Working on this one with the Hubby.

And at some point, we will finish moving furniture from room to room and re-assemble the crib......because in April, of all these projects I am working on, the most important one will be here and need a place to sleep. 

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