Letter to #2

Dear Daisy -

Yes that is your nickname, Baby #2.  Your daddy thought he was very clever when he came up with that one - Daisy as in Oopsy-Daisy.  A total surprise.  But what a wonderful surprise you already are. 

Your older sister-to-be, Grace, talks about you all the time.  The other day, she spent her own money on a stuffed giraffe for you - her first gift to her little baby sibling.  I think thats really the only time I have gotten teary.  In the middle of the mall.  It just made me so happy. 

Today marks 14 weeks for you and I.  Only 25 more weeks to go! 

14 weeks
It amazes me how fast you (and therefore, I) have grown.  The doc wasn't kidding when she said things just seem to pop earlier with #2!  All my "normal" clothes are put away and I am embracing maternity clothes.  I will say - WOW - they have gotten so much better in the last seven years!!!! :) 

We are already starting to get the house ready for you - when you come home there will be new kitchen floors and a new pool cover to keep all the kiddos safer outside.  And Mommy and Daddy are relocating their home office so your room will be all set for you.  And of course, Mommy is already scoping out all the baby gear ratings - no hand-me-downs for you cause this Mom gave it all away to charity about a year ago.  And so we start over! 

Hoping to feel you move around in there soon.  Come on Daisy - give Mommy one big kick soon, okay?!

Love you already. 


The Devols said...

I hope if number 2 is a boy he doesn't get a complex from the nickname Daisy :) Cute bump!

Jaime said...

HAHA! I know! Poor little (maybe) boy!!!

laura said...

seriously?! i agree with sandy! hehe!

you look fab, friend!!