Sometimes the best news is nothing.

Yesterday was full of nerves - the annual visit to Hopkins for Hubby and G's checkups at the genetics clinic.  The result of the 6 hours worth of doctor appointments - status quo.  And I am just fine with that.

G has always gotten a good report.  Hubby, on the other hand, not so much.  It seems like every time we talk to someone in the medical field, Hubby needs this or that or something else.  We both feel this way.  This time, though, was different.  While he is getting a referral to see one of the other rock-star cardiologists at Hopkins for a consult/review, he got a good report.  No surgeries in the near future.  Meds stay the same and we even got to add the mirable drug that is currently in trials for Marfan patients.  (And yes, I AM that excited about adding a medication - this med is doing remarkable things for Marfan patients with the kind of aorta damage that Hubby has.)  

 I woke up this morning feeling so much better.  We got through it - surgery #2 is over.  Yep, Hubby will tick forever but with a good report from the Hopkins docs, I feel like I can relax and move on from that whole surgery management (thats what I call my role in the procedures!).  

First order of business --- get the whole family eating better and in shape.  This weekend the cabinets will be cleaned out - junk food goodbye!!!!  Menu planning will start again for all of us.  And then the shopping shall begin - a treadmill. Even got the good doc yesterday to help with my argument for a treadmill in the basement.  Does that really fit in with the man cave decor thing going on down there?  Not sure but oh well! Sorry babe! :)  

Of course, as I browse through treadmills online, the ones with all the super cool features are $2,000.  Really only want to spend half of that at most.  I need some ideas of good treadmills and then I think a trip to the mall with Hubby is in order to test them out.  Could treadmill shopping be considered a date night trip?!?


Allison said...

glad for all the good news. On the treadmill front, try craigslist

The Devols said...

I bought the Sole F85 folding treadmill last October and I LOVE it!

-L said...

You should check out consumer reports too to narrow down the best ones in that price range. I can take a look in the ones we've gotten recently to see if they review treadmills if you'd like :)

Jaime said...

@L - yes, if they reviewed treadmills, let me know! I am thinking $1000 is enough to get one with all the features I want. I think I am going to drag him out to check some out at Dicks and at Sears this weekend.

Catherine and MItch said...

We got our elliptical from Sports Authority. If you go in at the end of the summer, they usually have great deals bc they will be getting new stuff in. Ours is way out dated now, 2006 model. But, we spent less then $500, bc it was a last year model.
Glad to hear the good medical news. Love you ALL!!!!