The Last Day

Is it really the end of June?!  Cause it feels like September was just yesterday.

Today is Grace's last day of kindergarten.

I cannot believe it.

On her first day, she was so excited.  Excited about her big girl backpack and being at the big school.  She was a little nervous about all the new kids but was happy to meet new friends.

It wasn't always the easiest year for her - she struggled with reading and math but as the weeks went by, she got better and better at it all.  She made friends.  She started Girl Sc.outs and decided that music class is the best part of school.

This morning, she was excited too - about summer starting and about going to first grade.  But she was a little sad to leave her friends that she has gotten used to seeing every day.  She picked out her own outfit, grabbed her backpack, and ran to the car, anxious to spend the last day of school with her friends before the summer starts for her at 12:30PM today.

It just amazes me how much Grace has grown up over the school year.  Time really does go by quickly when you aren't looking!


The Devols said...

YAY Grace! She looks super cute!

-L said...

aww, adorable :) She really is growing up so fast!