Grace:  But Mommy.  If I go to kindergarten, then I will be a school-ager.

Me:  Yes, you will.  You are a big kid now!

Grace: But I just want to be your baby. 

Me:  (holding back tears) Oh Gracie. You will always be my baby.


Her dress was all laid out 3 days ago.  We got her a cardigan yesterday to complete it since its only 70 degrees here already (ummm, where did summer go?).  And we had a great dinner to celebrate the night before school....complete with wine for Mommy and Daddy. 

And then the morning came.

She was up, dressed, and ready to go an hour early.  And begging to leave the house...she couldnt wait to get to school.

We practiced opening her snack container and zipping her backpack. I reminded her a million times about the note in her backpack for the teacher (still nervous that she will forget!!).

And when we pulled up to school, she jumped out of the car, grabbed the closest teacher she could see, and said, "Hi, I am Grace and I am in Mrs. T's class.  I am a kindergartener".

She walked into the school and never looked back. 

And I teared up....just a little.....she will always be my baby but now she is a school-ager.


laura said...

awwww!!!! sniffle, sniffle, sniffle!

Anonymous said...

Where did the time go? So big now!