Keys - here I come!!!

In 46 hours, I will board a plane and go here.

But before that, I have to:
  • clean the house (again!) after Grace's fun and messy playdate yesterday friends
  • go grocery shopping to stock the house with Grandma's favorite soda and foods
  • do two loads of laundry and get all the clothes put away 
  • finish packing my and the Hubby's things 
  • type out Grace's schedule and routines for Grandma
  • write a Permission to Treat form just in case Grandma needs it with Grace 
  • Finish the seven things left on my work to do list including briefing my boss on all the logistics of the meeting that will happen while I am on vacation
The first few days will be filled with those frantic last minute details of a wedding.  Our friends are tying the knot on the beach Saturday night.   Hubby is in the wedding and I have been given the title of Wedding Guru (aka the person who has to make sure that it all happens according to the bride's planning.....and I have a 38 page event guide to help me do just that!).

After those few days with friends, Hubby and I head to Key West for some "just us time".  And we are staying here:

 Hubby and I have been married for six and a half years and sure, we have taken trips here and there.  Mostly to friends' weddings.  But we have never taken a vacation just to go on vacation just the two of us.  And so, starting Thursday morning, Grace will hang with her grandparents and we will take off on a week of adult only time.  I am so excited I cant see straight!!!!

 But before the fun starts, that list must be completed.


Allison said...

Have so much fun!!!!

The Devols said...

I am so jealous! Hope you had a great time!

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