LIving Out of A Suitcase

The Keys were awesome.  Best vacation yet.  I missed the little girl but it was so nice to spend time just Hubby and I (and a few friends along the way) to reconnect and just have fun. 

We are all unpacked from that trip.  And tonight, I will repack for a family road trip this week.  My little brother (well, I guess he isnt so little anymore!) is graduating college.  Its been a long road these past 7 years for him so this weekend is a big deal.  And somehow I got volunteered to pack all his stuff in the apartment for the move home!!!! 

Next week I get back on a plane to head back to FL for a conference site visit.  Sure, its Florida in the spring but its still work and it still means living out of yet another suitcase.

How many more days til June when the travel insanity ends?!

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