2,191 days

Six years ago tonight (I am writing this Sunday night), Hubby and I went out to dinner, did a grocery store run, and went to bed early. At noon Monday morning, April 12, 2004, our family grew by one. 

And its been an adventure ever since. 

When I look back, I can hardly believe its been six years!  I remember so clearly how it felt to be pregnant, how long those 13 days were that passed between her due date and the day she finally came, and every day, the love I felt the moment I held her the first time grows and grows.

The past year I have watched her grow up so much.  Sure, she is taller and her feet are bigger but in other ways, she has changed so much.  Her "babiness" is gone - she has turned into a "real kid" complete with her own thoughts and opinions.  She is making new friends, makes very definite decisions about what is and what is not cool to wear, and asks questions to learn the whys and hows of what is going on around her.

When Hubby was recovering from surgery, Grace was my little helper, nursing Daddy back to health and helping me take care of the house.  It amazed me how grown up she was - how she handled the stress of post-surgery life.

Six years seems like such a long time but it went by too fast.  She may not be a baby anymore, but to me, Grace is still my baby. My grown up big kid but my baby just the same.