Flour, sugar, and some eggs - that's all it takes!

Why is it so hard to order a children's birthday cake with a few princesses on it with 36 hours notice?!  

WHY do the grocery store bakery people hate me so!?!?!?!? 

Okay, whatever.....I totally ignored your notice on the website that says "Please order cakes 48-72 hours beore the desired pickup time".  

Get some flour.  Grab the industrial size bag of sugar back there in the bakery and throw in some eggs.  Bake and frost!  Stick some princess figurines on top and write G R A C E across the top.  See????  NOT hard to do. 

Guess what I am doing this weekend??? 

Baking a birthday cake for Grace's party on Sunday......cause Mommy slacked off ans screwed up the bakery order again......sigh. 


Allison said...

Good Lord just don't make another Dora cake! :)

Rebecca said...

Oh no! Thankfully Publix here will do them in 24 hours. There's really nobody that can do it short notice? Even if you offer to pay a little extra? Perhaps a private bakery?

Bri said...

God bless you - :) Wegmans usually is good for short notice if you're not too far in. I don't make cake. I ruin cake so I ahve no other helpful advice!