Project #1 of 28,387 Projects

This is my house.  Its been Hubby's house for over 30 years.  4 years ago, we moved in as a family and now it is our house.

Slowly we have updated things in the house.  First it was carpet and flooring (I refused to move in until that was done!) and then we decorated the bedrooms and family room.   We have grand plans for the house....just not the grand wallet that it requires.  For years, I have simply added things to my mental wish list for the house - tearing down walls, gutting the kitchen, building a new deck, hiring landscapers to redo the yard...the list could go on and on and on.

But reality is what it is.  I havent won the lottery and the house still needs fixing.

We made a project list for the summer. The list is a little intimidating - no, its a LOT intimidating.  I am going to have to find that DIY gene that is in me somewhere.  But I know that when its done, one project at a time, I will be very proud that I did it. When I look back at the work we did already - bedrooms were painted and new floors installed when we moved in, I am reminded -the hard work is worth it in the end to make it our home.

So.....first project I am undertaking is going to be a simple one.  Crossing things off the list keeps me motivated so I thought that would be a good place to start.   Project:  Recover the kitchen chairs.  And then the decision making stalls.  I went to 3 fabric stores yesterday - everything I like is crazy expensive and the things that are inexpensive look cheap.  But here are the ones I like now - I am open to opinions and suggestions.

Updating the kitchen/eating area is one of the projects on the list so the chairs will have to match the updates in that room.  Years ago, I decided on a primary colors kitchen - I have the red Kit.chenA.id things and our everyday plates for white with blue rims.  Basically going for a primary colors striped look in the drapery, etc.

Here are some chair cushion fabrics.....what do you think??

This is the simple, matches everything canvas fabric.   Fashion Fabrics Club has a great price on this.

I could use this striped fabric - love the primary colors.  The rest of the kitchen could stay basic as the chairs would be the design inspiration.  I saw this at JoAnn Fabrics.

 This is still basic in its color but adds more interest to the chairs.  The rest of the kitchen would stay basic. This is from Fabrics.com.  They have the reverse color as well.

I like all of them.....for different reasons.  If you ask me right now which I would choose, I would pick one of them but 10 minutes from now, I would change my mind.  

UPDATE:  I did it. I bought #3 for the kitchen chairs. It was my favorite and when Hubby actually agreed that he liked it, I did not hesitate.  Should arrive at the house in a few days!!!   


Jaime said...

This morning I am leaning towards #3.

The Devols said...

I like #3 the best.