Can I Get One More Hour, Please?!

The eternal struggle - I just need one more hour each day.  I could do so much with that hour.  But then again, when I look back at my day, I realize that I wasted so many minutes that I did have that extra hour - I just didnt use it well.  I mean, really, I didnt NEED to sit and read the entire Gla.mour magazine the day it came in the mail.  Instead, I could have folded that laundry that is still in the dryer or I could have cleaned the kitchen and dining room or even sorted all the piles of papers in the home office.

But I didnt.

At work, going into conference time, I am uber-organized.  Binders, files, and lists are all over my office and perfectly color-coded and together.  The day after the big event, all goes to hell.  My office looks like a tornado blew through - granted its all from the shipment that just returned but still...it looks bad!!

It amazes me that as organized as I can be at work, I am nowhere near that at home.  Things just happen at the house -there hasnt been a real system of organization there.

I am feeling inspired.  One of the projects is to organize life.  Mine.  Hubby's.  Grace's.  All of us getting on a schedule and getting things done so that we actually have free time, not time we are spending doing fun things knowing that we should be doing something else.

Today - I am calendar-ing for the next few months.  At the office I mean.  I started a home calendar a few weeks ago and even though Hubby hasnt gotten used to checking it, I am loving it.  Except when I look at it and realize there is something for one of us on every single day between now and the first week of April. 

With all that going on and knowing that more is coming, I just want to get us all on one page.  There are a few work trips for me, doctor appointments to make for Hubby and Grace, and all of Grace's activities. 

Any great tips out there for keeping a family schedule somewhat organized?!  As Grace is getting older and has her own little social life, it just gets harder and harder.......I feel like we are pulled in 3 different directions all the time.  It would be nice to have actual time to spend as a family, NOT doing errands of some kind.

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Rebecca said...

I schedule in 30 minutes each day at home. It's 30 minutes I dedicate to running around as fast as I can tackling anything that I can. It's amazing what you can get done with focused attention. Everybody knows to steer clear. This is my time. I'm not lazily folding laundry while making small talk with Justin about his day. Nope, I'm hauling butt with the towels and slinging them in the laundry closet with purpose. Then, I get to spend the rest of the night with the family.