Broke The Rule

We have a rule in our house - no electronics on school nights and normally, no big events during the week.  Otherwise. all hell breaks lose the next morning as we are all rushing to get to school and work on time.  

But sometimes, we need to break the rules.  Grace loves hockey.  She gets that from us - our first date was a Capit.als game.  O.vech.kin, without even knowing it, helped Grace learn the number 8 - its his jersey number so that is how she remembers the number. Seriously. 

Last night, we treated Grace to a special night out - a school night hockey game.  We sat in the last row of the top section.  We spent $5 on a bag of popcorn that wasnt nearly as tasty as Hubby's popcorn at home.  And she had a soft pretzel and Dippin' Dots for dinner.  Worth every penny and every second. 

She was so happy every time her favorite players were on the ice.  She cheered and danced for each goal.  And we all got to spend time with Uncle Tom, Hubby's BFF from childhood and Grace's godfather.  

Was it the smartest thing to do the night before Hubby and I had a meeting at school?  Probably not.   Grace's bedtime was only a few minutes into the first period.  But we needed to blow off some steam and break the rule - sometimes you just have to.  And last night was great!!!!  

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The Devols said...

I am glad you guys had a good time! Rules are definitely meant to be broken sometimes!