My Lifeline

My mom will tell you that as a teenager, you couldnt get me off the phone.  I BEGGED for months before I was allowed to have a phone in my room....and thought it was soooo cool when Mom and Dad backed down and gave my sister and I our very own phone line in the house.  And my first cell phone.....wow - was I excited (til I got the bill!).

Today, we have phones all over our house.  If anyone needs to reach me, there are 3 phone numbers to try.  And most of the time, the cell is attached to my ear or I am texting away on it.  Its my link to my friends, to the office, to my family, and my entire schedule is saved in there...so I think of my phone as My Lifeline. 

And I have the worst luck with them.

A few months ago, I had this phone. Loved it. And it was red which was just cool.  Then the Phone Monster took control and every few minutes, the phone would turn on or off, depending on the what PM wanted to do at that moment.  Sometimes it would charge, sometimes not.  3 trips to the warranty center and I finally gave up on it - traded it in for another brand and model. 

That was 4 months ago.  I HATE THE NEW PHONE.  I know other people who have it;  some love it, others hate it.  It loses a charge after 2 hours of use (and when you are onsite at a conference, you need much more time than that from the phone!!!).  Its re-categorizing my contacts as it feels fit - Allie ended up being merged with one of her co-workers information since their work number was the same.  Annoying.  The worst part is that I just spent 1 1/2 this morning trying to get it to sync to my work email.  Lately, I have simply had the work emails forwarded to my personal email that would then drop into my phone.  But then its hard to reply to those emails.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software 6 times with no luck.  Yes, I read the instructions. 

Phone company tells me I cannot upgrade until July 2010.....what!?!?!?  Thats crazy.  But they did offer to sell me a replacement phone for $449.  Sorry - not gonna happen. 

I WILL have a phone that works....soon...cause I am losing my mind without My Lifeline.

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KDRspud said...

Check out eBay or Craigs list for a new phone - that is where I get all my phones and they work GREAT and are cheap.

I love the Palm Treo - you should try that - dump the crack berry!!!