Freeze Tag

Remember that game?  We all played it at some point - at the playground, at school, in the neighborhood.  You run around as fast as you can trying to get away or hide or at least be doing something.  And then you get tagged and have to freeze in place, just to wait for someone else to "un-freeze" you. Just be careful not to get caught by the "It" person cause then you are frozen in place all over again.

And so we are playing this game again.  But this time, the "It Person" controls the schedule at the hospital, Hubby and I are constantly frozen, and the other people who can unfreeze us are all supposedly talking to each other about Hubby but not coming over to "unfreeze" us. 

Loved the game 25 years ago. Today, it sucks.


Bri said...

I take it you're still waiting on appointment? Poo!

Me said...

We got an appt but it is COMPLETLY AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! So now we are waiting for the return call from the doc to tell us a better date.

TeamWinks said...

Doesn't sound like fun in the least. I'm sorry.

Bri said...

LMAO - I know this isn't sympathetic but I find it funny. You're telling the cardiologist god that the appointment is unacceptable. I can't even tell Ken that I want him home from work on time! :)


Me said...

still waiting.....but should have an update tomorrow.