Picture - Frame Wanted

I take a ton of pictures of Grace.  I post them on this blog.  I upload hundreds every month to Shu.tter.fly and email them out to my family.  Even have a great share site now - go visit! There are some great ones of me and Grace and of Hubby and Grace.  But very rarely do we actually end up with a decent picture of all three of us together.  One of us, usually me, is behind the camera or one of us just looks ridiculous when the pictures are done.

But this weekend, we got one.  Finally.  First decent family picture in ages.

Is it perfect?  No.  But we all look okay.  Having this picture now is perfect timing......the background was gorgeous, its almost time for the annual "holiday card decision", and frankly, life is about to get a little insane with surgery and all that comes with that.  I am just glad that today, I can look up from my work and there on my desk is a picture of my family.


laura said...

i love love love love love that pic!!! gorgeous!!!! xoxox!

TeamWinks said...

It is a great picture!

-L said...

beautiful picture! And my offer still stands to do a photo shoot with you guys :) Let me know the time and place and I'll be there!