Which Way is Up?

I have so many things to write about and so many things to say and so many things on my mind.

I am happy and sad.  Stressed and relaxed.  Worried and confident.  A big huge ball of emotions about everything - work, life, home.  The only thing I dont have right now are words.

Kindergarten is going great - one week down and into the second week.  I expected that it would make us a little busier in the mornings but wow - its exhausting for Grace and us.  We are getting in the groove though. 

Work is insane - at a meeting this week, have another meeting next week, and traveling to yet another meeting the following week.

After that, its time for more doctor appointments. 

But that's all I can manage to say right now. 


Bri said...

I can't even manage to maintain a blog so kudos to you :)

SoCalledSupermom said...


I wish I could write more right now - sometimes the blog just isnt the place to do it, you know? I feel censored here at the moment.

I will call you later about it.

laura said...

thinking of you all!!