Where Have I Been?!

Its been almost 2 months since I posted on here. Sorry. I wish I had some fantastic reason like cruising around the South Pacific or I won the lottery and have been too busy spending all the money. Instead I have lame excuses like I dont know what to write about and when I do find something great to post, by the time I sit down to write, I forget what it is I was going to write about. Or how about nothing interested is happening. Or finally, I just really put the blog posting on the sideburner lately.

There.....those are my excuses. But the reality is that I miss posting here so damn it, I will more often from now on.

Promise. Pinkie swear.

I am still reading all my favorite blogs and even found some new ones. Some momblogs, some not - I am diversifying people!!!

And the last 2 months have been pretty good......I will catch you up on all that - Facebook status updates just arent enough so all the details can be posted here and you may find out something new, even if you are my FB Friend and get to see all my updates on a daily basis.

Up Next - the spirited child......read the book, love the book, and some of the advice actually works..................

1 comment:

laura said...

#1: welcome back, buddy! we missed you!

#2: holy hell - kindergarten is in 1 month!!!!