Me and the girls

20 years ago, every Friday was NKOTB day in 5th grade. We all wore all the New Kids stuff we could and pledged our never ending love for these 5 random boys in the hottest boy band of the year. And then one day, they broke up and went back to normal lives.

And here we are.....as moms, professionals.......adults.....all together seeing our boys again in concert. You never really do forget the first band/artist you fell in love with, you know? We all still know every word to the songs from back then. And yes, I will admit - I know all the words to their new album too. What can I say - its really good treadmill music AND I am a sucker for remembering the days before real life started. :)

Enjoy - I took over 100 pics at the concert - these are just a few of my faves and video of one of the classics......if you can hear the singing over all the screaming girls!!!! :)
Jonathan - my FAVORITE New Kid.

Jonathan (with his back turned), Jordan, Donnie, and Joey.

NKOTB. 2009.

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laura said...

we will always be 13 at heart!!