Not Ready

My office phone rang the other day.

ME: Hi, this is me (well, I really said my full name but....)
CALLER: Hi, J. This is Ann from the County. I am looking at the kindergarten enrollment papers and have a few questions for you.
ME: Sure. What kind of questions?

And so that call went on to talk about Grace's Marfan diagnosis and how the school needs to prepare (or not) for her.

At the end of the call, Ann says "Tell Grace we will see her soon and that her classroom is all ready for her!".

I couldn't even speak after that.

Her SCHOOL? Her CLASSROOM? No, she's my little girl, not my school age child.

Ask Grace about school and she will tell you how much she is looking forward to it. That going to "the big school" is going to be fun. Ask me about it and my anxiety skyrockets!

She will make new friends. She will learn all sorts of cool things. But that also means she will stop being my Baby Girl.

With one month to go, those who know me would expect that I have the school supply list purchased already and a backpack all picked out. Nope. Havent even downloaded the supply list from the school website. And a backpack? Havent purchased yet. Honestly, I havent even thought about that all important First Day of School Outfit - you know, the one that will live on forever in the 4,208 pictures I will take that day.

I am going to cram as much Baby Girl time in as possible....starting next week at Disney World. Cause in one month and 1 day, I will be the mom of a kindergarten kid.

Now, where are those tissues!?!?!?!?

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TeamWinks said...

I can't fathom preschool much less kingergarten!

Have fun at Disney!