Talent or Just Obsession?

H.annah Mo.ntana/Mile.y Cyru.s. Tayl.or S.wift. H.igh Sch.ool Mus.ical. The soundtrack of my life these days. There isnt an evening that goes by, after a long day at the office, that I get to listen to one, if not ALL, of these songs with Grace singing every word.

I cant really complain. If these celebrities are the ones she is idolizing right now, so be it. At the core, they seem to be good "kids" and are age appropriate for the 5 year old. And let's be honest - they wouldnt be this popular if they werent any good.

Grace can hear just a few notes of a song and identify the artist. She can repeat the lyrics after hearing a song just a few times. Hubby has exposed her to all sorts of classic rock (Ze.pplin, Clap.ton, etc) and she can tell you when J.immy P.age is playing the guitar in a random song. Amazing.

I mentioned this to Grace's doc at her 5 yr old appointment last week. His response surprised me - he said that since she has always had (whether we knew it or not) a vision disability, her hearing may have developed faster and compensated allowing her to pick up these details at a young age. He encouraged me to sign her up for music lessons if she seems so pulled to that activity. Which is great since Hubby got her a Fender Acoustic guitar for her birthday.

It was the word "disability" that struck me. Yes, her lenses are dislocated. Yes, at some point in her life, they will most likely require surgery. And yes, every day of her life, she will have to manage her syndrome and its limitations and risks.

But is this music thing a talent she has hidden somewhere or simply an obsession with her current favorites? She tells us she wants to be just like Hannah or Taylor all the time. Is that real or does she just like their glittery outfits and cool dances? Hard to tell at 5 years old.

And so, this weekend the search begins for music classes and guitar lessons for the kindergarten age group. Maybe they have stage mom classes as well?


Bri said...

Check out local colleges - some offer but don't advertise music classes. Ash and Kade go to Eastman School of Music - not so much because they're anywhere near as talented as Gracie (they'd be hard pressed to identify a cowbell) but because they have a lot musical inability passed down from their not so talented parents to overcome.

I say get her involved. She clearly LOVES music. And who doesn't love the cool kid that can whip out a guitar and play something?! Guaranteed cool factor.

TeamWinks said...

Right now I'd just love to listen to children's music that doesn't revolve around bugs!

How cool would it be for Grace to learn to learn to play that guitar! Go for it! :-)