The New Project - Organize My Life!

Kindergarten orientation. I didnt tear up once. What I did do was totally freak out! Not over what she does know or doesnt know. Not over the fact that Grace walked right into the classroom without even saying bye to us during the parents orientation. I am in the midst of a total breakdown over how to manage all these new additions to our life.

Backpacks, notes from the teacher, library books, field trip permission forms, etc, etc, etc. My head is barely floating above water now! Not to mention, she will have 2 sets of teachers - kindergarten and the after-school care at her current day care.

Its middle of April. School starts on September 8 - sounds far away but really, just around the corner. According to the ticker, I have 4 months to get myself, my family, and my house organized for the beginning of the next 14 years of our lives. Oh, where to begin!!! The next few months are going to be a crash-course is organization around our house.


Bri said...

You forgot about Back To School Shopping!!!

SoCalledSupermom said...

That's the fun part!!! :)

laura said...

it's all about color coordinated notebooks...and really good mechanical pencils.