Grace -

5 years ago, this week, I was putting the final touches on your nursery and trying to finish things at work so I could go on maternity leave. Your daddy and I were spending all our time with his family and my final moment with Grandma Katy was so special - her arm was stretched across my HUGE tummy and you kicked. It was amazing....you just knew how to make that moment one I will never forget and one that I know in my heart made your Grandma Katy very happy.

My due date came and went; 2 weeks later you decided that it was time to meet us. And life has never been the same.

One of the first pieces of advice I got from family and friends was to cherish every moment because time moves so fast and babies turn into kids quicker than you can imagine. I listened and nodded. But it wasn't until last night that I truly understood.

I was folding laundry. You were watching a movie but cant sit still so you were chatting with me as well. What a little mind you have - talking about when you will be a mommy one day and explaining to me why the dog in the movie has superpowers. And who can forget your singing and dancing performance to the HS.M soundtrack! You have such a curious mind and have your own ideas and opinions.

But what really made me understand how big you are now is what I downloaded on my laptop - kindergarten registration forms. For the past year, I have been saying how much I am looking forward to the first day of school for you. I still am - you are so smart and you are going to love it there. But I am sad too; my baby is all grown up. Before I know it, you will have boyfriends and your own car and then you will leave for college. It all seems so far away but then again, 5 years passed in front of my eyes and I didnt even realize it.

I love you Gracie-Moo. Kindergarten kid or not, you are my baby.


laura said...

kindergarten forms. oh dear, l-rd!

Bri said...

I can't even imagine it. I think I'm going to home school just to avoid all this. I can't even deal with the thought of preschool next year!

Catherine and MItch said...

Awww, she is such a big girl...look at that gorgeous baby. It truly seems like yesterday babysitting Grace in the apartment with Mitch. Time flies, but you have so much to look forward too.

Really, boyfriends-do you know Bill at all:)