New Friends?

As Grace is getting older, we find ourselves with a social calendar full of birthday parties. Really - it seems like there is at least one a month....and that is just from preschool friends. There is a rule there - if you invite one kid from the class, you have to invite all of them. So we did - 27 invitations just for school friends, plus her friends from daycare....that makes 38 invitations to a 5 year old's bday party!!!!!

As the RSVP phone calls start coming in, I find myself chatting with the other preschool moms. I have always had this vision of meeting all the other school moms and starting these great friendships that will last Grace her whole life. That's how I know some of my very best friends. Grace has found some great little kids at day care and preschool and we have developed these friendships - really, dont know what I would do without Sarah and Elise and their awesome parents!

Kindergarten is around the corner and that means the preschool kiddos will all be going to different schools. Last night, one of the moms called me about Grace's bday party. Her daughter adores Grace and this mom wants to get the girls together to play. Seriously, that was last night at 6PM - since then, I have gotten 3 emails from her!!! Not that I dont want to be friends with her, not that I dont think her daughter is adorable, and Grace definitely wants to play with her but.............do I help Grace develop this friendship now when we know the girls wont be going to the same school and the other girl wont be at the after-school care after August? At 5 years old, its not like they can call each other after school and hang out.

But then again, what if this girl and Grace end up BFFs, regardless of where they are in school?

And really, why am I so worried about this?!

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Justme said...

You worry b/c you're a good mom. but my two cents is that you just need to let it happen naturally. As long as these little kids are the kind you want the moo to be around it will work itself out. And who knows who you will meet in the process