New and SO Pretty

The new bathroom.....all new......vanity, lights, toilet, floor, baseboard.....the only thing "leftover" from the old room is the hand towel (havent found new ones I like yet) and the body spray on the counter.

The room is simple, clean, and new. I love it. But now its lacking any color - it desperately needs something with color. On the search for the perfect wall decor to deal with that. Until then, this is it.

Overbought on the paint so now I am debating which project to take on next - which room in this house needs to be painted "Raffia Cream by Behr". I am thinking the guest room/play room....we shall see.


Bri said...

It's a completely amazing transformation! CONGRATULATIONS!

SoCalledSupermom said...

I know!! No more rose stencil on the wall or gaping hole in the ceiling. Just those things alone make me happy!

Catherine and MItch said...

I Love It!!!! It is so fancy, Yay, some Barnhart construction is finished!!!!

laura said...

Yay! I love it! The tile details along the baseboard is beautiful!!! Now, onto the kitchen! Hehe! ;)