I remember thinking 30 was SO old but today, I dont really feel old. OldER maybe, but not old.

Friends have been telling me that their 30s were the best years of their life. And I think I already agree with them. Driving into work this morning I was thinking back and realized that I have a lot of expectations for my 30s.

Teenage years - well, they are what they are for everyone. HS was fun. I met some of my very best friends back then; I also have people who impacted my life who I dont see often or talk to much but think about all the time. All of them started me on the path of who I am today. And I love them all for it.

20s - wow, those were some tough years. And some fabulous years. Decisions in my 20s changed my life - mostly for the better but some not. I cant regret any of it though - I struggled through much of my 20s but the last half of that decade (wow, that sounds like a really long time!) was worth it. I met Hubby and we started our family. And that made all those hard times worth it.

My 30s - well I have only been in my 30s for about 3 hours now. Expectations are high! I finally feel like life has fallen into place - I have a wonderful family, great friends, a career that I am so proud of, and everything I have worked so hard for is coming along.

Bring it on 30s! I am looking forward to it all!

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Catherine and MItch said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!