25 hours a day

I have a problem saying NO. And right now, I realize that inability has reared its ugly head again. I was starting to get that under control but not so anymore. 3 conference calls and 1 webinar today for industry groups not to mention my paying job.

As I write this, I am on a conference call for an industry group re-writing an application for certification. And its painful! Seriously painful. How can we through an application process and review for a professional certification without a full resume and work experience?!?!!?!? ARGH!

I am staying quiet right now because I just cant handle some of this crap. Really people? How are you going to score and rate that?

I need coffee.

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laura said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know you can't say "no" . . . let's move on and show off the remodeled bathroom pics! Come on, already! :) :) XOXO!