What Are You Doing Today?

Its been 4 1/2 years....really, almost 5 years....since we moved into the house. And since Day 1, I have had plans to redo the kitchen, deck, basement, and powder room. NONE of those things are complete today.

But, in the next few days, the powder room WILL be done. I can hear the hammering and tearing of drywall now as I type this. VERY exciting here today.

Here is the picture after a few hours of work to include a water valve issue (its fixed now). More later as it progresses.....................
The old vanity with no top. I really wanted to take a hammer to this thing but realized that the clean up wouldnt be all that fun. Right now, its sitting on the back deck waiting to be taken to the dump later today.
No more old vanity!!!!! YEA!!!

Ahh, the toilet is out (and simply waiting to be cleaned and re-installed later) and all the little tiles are coming out soooo easily. Almost too easy - I have no idea how it stayed down for so long the way it was installed.

Adios old tile!!!!!

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laura said...

Finally! Your mom and Meggie told me all about the remodel last weekend. You must be sooo excited! Can't wait to see the finished bath!