Webster...I need your help!

Still here. Drowning underneath the to do lists at work, the piles of laundry that are waiting to be washed/folded/put away, and the mutliple phone calls to make to doctors for Grace.

In the mail today, we received the notes from our visit to Hop.kins made by the doctor when he established the diagnosis of Ma.rfan Syndr.ome. Its an interesting read....well, the parts that I can understand or even pronouce.

But my favorite part of the 2 page appointment dictation is this statement...the nicest way I have ever read to describe a rambuncious, hyper, and diva-like 4 year old little girl:

On physical examination, Grace is an alert and interactive young lady who is in no apparent distress.

Yea, nicest way possible, huh?!

Now, off to Goo.gle a bunch of medical terms so I can actually read what the doctor says about my "alert and interactive young lady".

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TeamWinks said...

Why oh why can't some doctors put things in terms the average human being would understand? Good luck to you!