Wrap Up

So, I am back in the States after the fun filled adventure to Vancouv.er.

Since I am completely out of energy and am exhausted and am still hungry from the lack of normal food for 3 days, a picture post of the trip is all I can handle today.


The beginning of the 22 hour journey to Vancouver. We still look happy in this picture.

Hot pirate running in the parade in Seattle. Hey...we may have been stuck at that train station but at least we got to see running pirates!

Hanging with the mounties at the conference reception. Notice the handcuffs on Nicole and I!

View of Vancouver from the Convention Center patio.

What did we do with all our time on the trains, busses, and planes? Caught up on ALL our magazines, of course.

On the train back to the States. FINALLY.

And to end this post, please enjoy a short video clip. THIS is what happens to 2 fairly normal girls when they are tired, hungry, and just want to go home.

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