New Job, Old Ways

This is my 9th week at the new job. I cant believe it has only been 9 weeks....feels like forever. In good ways and not so good ways.

When hired, there were certain items I was asked to do when I arrived on the job. Basically bringing the conference "to the next level" with online registration, budget control, and better contracts.

Yesterday, I presented my registration plan to the other team members involved in that task. 2 out of 3 of them are on board. The other is giving me a headache. Attitude and pushback that just seems crazy to me. But I am trying to put myself in her shoes; the person who had my position before was a friend of hers and she is a tad bitter that person was let go. But it is what it is....move on and let's get this conference done.

I expected some of the pushback when I got here....its always hard to accept the "new girl" when the previous person was your friend. But we are adults, this is business so let's get on with it. However, the attitude is actually preventing me from doing some of my job effectively.

ARGH. Back to the grind today....hopefully, I can be PC enough today to get through this hurdle and on to the next.


-L said...

It's infuriating when people behave this way. She needs to grow up! It's not your fault that her friend was let go.

Unless her points are valid she's really stepping out of line here. I hope things get better for you!! I can't imagine having to work in a situation like that. :(

agoodwitchtoo said...

Maybe she's used to working for/with a slacker :)

Bri said...

I'm assuming this is what you were calling about the other day. THis weekend lets set aside one day to actually catch up. For real. I suggest Monday morning. What's your schedule looking like?