Stomping on my heart

Today is the last day of the meeting; the first meeting for the new job. And nothing has gone wrong. Perfection all week. I am thrilled. Most importantly, the boss is happy. That's all that matters in the end.

This morning, Grace (who is at home with Daddy) took my heart out of my chest through the cell phone line and stomped on it. When she was done, she twisted it before putting in back in my chest.

How? Well, this is how it all happened.

(phone rings. I see it is Hubby. Since I am in the middle of a conversation, I let it go to voice mail and call him back).

Me: Good morning.

Hubby: Hold on, Grace wants to talk to you.

Grace: Mommy?

Me: Yes, Gracie. How are you?

Grace: I miss you (in the middle of this very short and simple phrase, she BURST into tears).

Me: Oh, Grace. I know. I miss you too.

Grace: But when are you coming home? Can I see you now? I want you to pick me up today. (still crying!!!)

Me: Today. I promise. How about ice cream and the bookstore when I pick you up? (yes, I am bribing her to make my guilt go away!)

Grace: Okay. I want to do both. (sniffling, but still crying) Bye Bye Mommy. I love you and I miss you and I want you to pick me up.

Me: I love you too Grace.

Yep, heart wrenching huh?

Yesterday, Hubby had to pick her up early; preschool called me and said that Grace was limping and complaining pretty regularly about her knee. She was crying that it hurt and wouldnt play on it. So, off to the doctor they went, thinking she was going to need her first x-ray. Nothing. Nothing was wrong with her knee. Once Daddy got there, Grace's knee stopped hurting - amazing!!! This morning, she told Hubby that her knee hurt cause she misses Mommy. (Dont you see the correlation in that?!)

And the Mommy Guilt is back in full force. Awesome.


Laura said...

Oh, Sweet Grace . . . already learning how to manipulate her parents! Hehe!

-L said...

Wow, she's good! :)

agoodwitchtoo said...

We could all learn a lot from this child :)

Bri said...

You know? She wouldn't miss you so much if you weren't such a good mother. :)

Susanna Rose said...

So cute and what a beautiful little girl you have! I love her name too...my younger sister's name is Grace and it is a name with so much beautiful meaning. Like the last commenter said, she wouldn't miss you so much if you weren't a super mom!

By the way, I would love to talk with you about your experiences with Marfan Syndrome if possible. My email is susanna@susannarose.net.