Wanna Come To My Party?

Fundraisers for people who clearly do not need funds. Fundraisers that you are expected to give money to, even if you have your own issues that need that money more than the cause being celebrated. I despise these.

Now, I am the first one to donate money to causes. Hubby and I managed a charity golf tournament for years and every month, I leave bags full of items for a charity pickup. I do these things for causes I believe in and, honestly, I think everyone who has the means should do the same….for the cause they believe in. Hubby and I support Alzheim.ers, Marfan Foundation, and the M.S So.ciety because of the ways that these specific conditions have impacted our lives. Everyone should be able to choose their own cause for their own reasons.

Pity parties are not my thing. Drama, maybe….but I despise pity parties. Maybe that is why when we first heard Grace’s diagnosis we didn’t really shout it from the rooftops. We didn’t call everyone we know in the first 24 hours after hearing “Your daughter has Marfan Syndrome”. In fact, we didn’t tell our family for 5 weeks.

Someone we know…..not well, just someone who exists in the office with Hubby….has been diagnosed with cancer. Its sad; he is young (mid twenties I think) and I hate to see people go through that kind of pain and life altering treatments just to stay alive. I wish him the best as he starts those treatments. His family is with him and everyday he can drive his $60K car to the doctor’s office.

The office has held a few fundraisers already. A company email was sent out telling employees that they can donate vacation time to this person since he will be out of the office at the doctor’s often. There was an ice cream social today where for $3, you can get a scoop of ice cream in his honor. And Hubby had to pay another $2 for a L.ive Stron.g bracelet so he didn’t look like he wasn’t supportive or was being mean.

What about Grace’s diagnosis? What about all the time Hubby and I are going to be taking out of the office? We currently don’t have the $60K luxury car so where is our fundraiser for our family's life altering medical condition.

It sounds whiny and it sounds ingrateful. And yes, it sounds like a pity party (and I hate those).

But why is his cancer worse that my husband and my kid’s Marfan Syndrome? Where was the vacation donation for Hubby when he was out of the office for 3 months following heart surgery? I never even got a phone call from that office once we left the hospital, except to ask his return to work date.

Maybe I am bitter. In fact, I am. I said it. I am bitter and jealous that this person’s cancer is taken more seriously than my family’s problem.

And no, I am not wearing a L.ivestr.ong bracelet. I am wearing a Have A Heart bracelet. It will look much better with the outfit I have chosen to wear to my pity party.

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Bri said...

btw - I'm totally on Team B on this one :P