Just keep swimming....Just keep swimming.....


Its the only way to describe our lives lately.

Ever since our visit to Hop.kins, we have rarely found ourselves with a moment to just be. It seems to come in phases and this is one of those crazy times around here.

The new job is fabulous. Really. It is. I actually dont mind having to drive around one of the worst highways in the country; luckily I get to drive the opposite direction than most of the traffic - otherwise it would be miserable. Being the new girl in the office is pretty nice too.

I hit the ground running there with a to do list a mile long. So busy that I still havent actually opened the employee manual that is just sitting on my filing cabinet. I should probably get to that, huh?

Grace is doing well. She seems to be happier at school...talking about new friends everyday. In fact, one of the kids she complained about earlier is now one of her favorite people to talk to. Guess kids really can work on their own social issues, even at 4 years old.

The annual 4th of July party was great although halfway through the day, I realized there were more kids in the pool than adults. Yep, our group of friends is actually growing up. Scary, huh? Here are a few pics of the weekend for you.

Typical scene at the pool over the summer----floats and beers.

The new typical---more kids than dads in the pool.

5 friends all dressed up and watching fireworks in the backyard, during the rain.

My little fish. Yes, she is tall enough to stand on the bottom of the pool already.

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Catherine and Mitch said...

We definitely will be over for another pool day soon. I can't believe the little miss can touch the bottom of the pool.