I havent been here in awhile. It has been a long summer for me. And no, there is no end in sight. {sigh}

I talked to a friend the other day for the first time in weeks. And she is someone I usually see at least once a week and talk to all the time. Our kids are best friends so we are always chatting and setting up playdates. But lately, I have been out of the loop.

My best friend is getting married in a month and I feel like we havent talked in ages either. And the Girls and I havent seen each other in months!

I ran into an old friend this weekend and realized how much has happened since we last talked. Granted, 5 years is a LONG time to not talk but wow---when I think about my last 5 years, I am baffled that we are all still here.

My happy face is on but it all is just making me a little sad.


Justme said...

We'll take care of our girly time this week :) No worries at all, but I TOTALLY understand. Sometimes it feels like I'm torn b/w just "being" and resting, and being invovled...and the stress of not knowing which to do makes neither enjoyable.
Let me know which night you want to get together, I'm ready :)

Bri said...

You really do deserve some time in the sun. Just some happy-go-lucky years. Praying for you sweetie. You are a wonderful person and deserve nothing but blue skies from here on out.