Shiny and New

The view from my new office isnt too bad, huh? I think the flowers really perk it up, personally. They were here when I arrived....my new boss said she hates to see an office without color so she brought me some for my first day. So nice.

Its the 4th day of the new job and already.....crazy! I have a to do list a mile long and 3 meetings within the next 3 months that need my attention ASAP. But it is better than spending my first week here staring out my awesome window for 8 hours a day!

Everyone is very nice and I am making friends quickly here.

And the best part-----its 2PM and the office is closing for the long weekend!!!


-L said...

So glad to hear you are settling in well! And how awesome of your boss to get you flowers :)

Bri said...

Check out that view! Look at you Ms. Big Stuff! :)

Happy New Job-ing :)