Weekend Fun

When there is a pool in your backyard, the summertime means a house full of friends and family. We love it---the grill is always on, the outdoor speakers are playing Buffe.tt, and we watch the days go by with friends laying around the pool. Now that there are a few kids running around, its even better to watch them in the pool.

The pool in the backyard also means a ton of more household work----balancing the water, vacuuming the bottom, and general up-keep of the pool area.

This weekend, we managed to get the pool opened all by ourselves. Normally we shell out a few hundred dollars for a pool pro to manage this but not this year! And now, I think that is a good few hundred dollars to spend!!

Enjoy the pics (and video) of the pool opening weekend!

The pool right after the cover removed. Green and gross. But after a few hours of vacuuming, its gorgeous and sparkling now.

Hubby scrubbing the pool cover on his hands and knees. It killed the grass beneath it so now we have to re-fertilize half the yard!

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