Excitement and Smiles Ahead!

May was a bad month. I was really glad to see it pass this weekend.

Too many doctors. Too much downtime. But even in that downtime, I was doing something.....researching big medical words through Goo.gle or cleaning the house and planning a bridal shower or just figuring out what to do next.

June is starting off slow but I know that it is all about to hit the fan. But this time, I am prepared and looking forward to it all.

And the first great thing that happened this month....I was asked to speak at a regional meeting/conference planners' conference! ME.....a speaker listed on the program and 100 people looking at ME talk about credentials in the meetings industry! SOOOOO excited and terrified already!

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Bri said...

Congratulations!!! You're awesome - you know it! WOOOOOT!