An Adult Evening

hubby and i

Every once in awhile, we get to all dressed up and go out on the town. Last night was such a night.

We are lucky to live in the DC area where there is always something special happening. Whether its politics, art, or festivals, DC is a mecca for occasions.

The Kennedy Center Spring Gala was last night featuring music in films. Hosted by Ma.rtin Sco.resce and Steven Spei/lberg, it was amazing. Listening to Speil.berg narrate a scene from Indian.a Jones and then having John Williams (yep, the famous composer was there too!) play the music to the very same scene. Unbelievable to see it all happen with the National Sy.mphony Orchestra.

the girls all dressed up

The best part of course was getting all dressed up. Hubby in his wedding tux and me in a new dress (cause these occasions call for new dresses!).


Bri said...

That dress is gorgeous! Bill doesn't look too shabby either :P

Catherine and Mitch said...

Ohh, I love the dress. I will have to borrow it if I ever get to go to a fancy event again. You look gorgeous. Looks like you had fun. So jealous.

Laura said...

I thought that tie/vest looked familiar! Way to match your outfits!

TeamWinks said...

Sounds like a memorable and fun evening! Luck you two! :-)