Dogs and Kids

Polly joined our family at Christmas. She fit right in. Its hard to remember what it was like around her without her.

She and Grace have become the best of friends. Grace talks to her like she is a sister and Polly protects Grace. Whenever anyone is near Grace and Polly doesnt know them, she will get between the new person and Grace. If Grace is crying, Polly barks non-stop at whoever made her cry. Its so adorable to watch.

But this week, Polly showed us just how patient she is when it comes to Grace. I mean, seriously, how many dogs would allow their human sister to do this to them?


Laura said...

Hahahaha! I can't wait until Sydney and Maddy can play dress-up . . . although Maddy might bite her hand off if Syd tries to put a tiara on her head! ;)

Bri said...

Awwww - thats adorable :)