A Well Child

Every year at birthday time, parents take their kiddos to the doc for the Well Child Visit. Typically, they are pretty uneventful appointments......if you dont count the 10 minutes you spend in the waiting room followed by the 25 minutes you spend twiddling your thumbs in the exam room. The only exam room in the entire place with no kids books in the magazine rack on the back of the door. But hey, this mom found the popsicle sticks (docs like to call them throat suppressors or something technical like that) and a marker in the bottom of her purse. So that gave me 2.97 minutes of peace until Grace was bored with that game. But oh the marker---the life saver. By the time the doc came into the room, Grace had decorated the paper on the exam table with this Life Saving Marker---there were triangles, letter A, circles, and scribbles everywhere!!!

The check up went well. Grace is skinny and tall...that we knew and simply confirmed today. She was good during the exam...listened to the doctor and no whining. Fantastic.

Then came the doc's question for me.....you know, the "So, what questions do you have for me?" one. I spent the entire day trying to think of something to ask. Grace has been pretty good this past year and there wasnt anything abnormal or weird or new going on with her. I only had one question about her eyes. Every once in awhile, I noticed that one of her eyes goes out - meaning she seems to have a lazy eye. No biggie--I had one as a child. But I didnt really think it was a huge deal, just an annoyance.

Apparently, that is not the case. You can go blind from a lazy eye!!!!

Yep, we are heading to the pediatric eye doctor next week. To check her for lazy eye (and no I am not using the technical term). And then, maybe a trip to LensCr.afters for some kiddo glasses.

Always something when you are a parent, huh!? Treatment for lazy eye falls mostly on DAILY parental responsibilities. FABULOUS.


Bri said...

See?! It's best to walk in without any questions :P

Fingers crossed that she's fine. But if she's not Lens.C.rafters has THE cutest little girl glasses. We played wiht them for hours last time Ken and I needed new glasses.

TeamWinks said...

Thank goodness you asked! In a million years, I never would have known that the effects of a lazy eye would be that severe. Sheesh!

Glad everything else checked out fine.

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