To Houston and Back

I am still exhausted from the trip to Texas this weekend but we had a blast! I just cant seem to type this morning so I leave you with a picture post of the trip. For the full rundown of the trip, visit Grace's website...there is a much longer post in the journal and a TON of pictures to enjoy!

Her first plane ride. Grace loved to watch the planes come and go at the airport.

The hotel had an amazing pool complex. The water was COLD but that didnt stop Grace from swimming all day long on Saturday. She has the sunburn to prove it---bad Mommy forgot suntan lotion!!

On the way to the wedding...all dressed up. Dont forget the pink backpack full of toys to entertain her!! A must have on this trip.

Clearly, Grace had a good time at the wedding. Exhausted but she was so good. Even asleep, Grace never let go of her flower the bride gave her at the reception.


Bri said...

That last picture is adoooorable. ahhhh - heading over to her site to catch up :)

-L said...

Too cute! I'm on my way to Gracie's site as well to see more pics :)

TeamWinks said...

Awwww...the last picture is so sweet!